More than two decades ago, I had a female friend tell me this:

"You're a great guy but you dress like you just got off work at Home Depot."

Yes, I was wearing outdated jeans, beat-up boots, and a poor-fitting shirt that looked like I bought it on clearance at Farm and Fleet.

Of course, I argued back to her saying this:

"But I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing! Isn't that important too?"

She, of course, replied that comfort IS important but Style + Comfort is even better.

Now that I'm older and wiser, I also know that feeling good about your outside is not just about clothes and how they feel when you're wearing them.

It's about true comfort.

What's "true comfort?"

Well, "true comfort" is that thing were you put enough effort into grooming, style, and hygiene where you don't have to worry about it.

You've worked on it. You can relax. You can feel good.

You can feel comfortable - especially if some new and exciting female is getting to see you, smell you, and feel you all up-close and personal-like.

Style, Grooming, and Hygiene: The Real Value

So, if your sense of style needs help, there's nothing more annoying than seeing a guy who dresses well and has a "slick," polished appearance.

There is also nothing more annoying than reading magazines or sites that make it seem like you have to spend a fortune on the latest designer labels.

The truth is, money doesn't buy better style; awareness and knowledge does.

Now, why even worry about dressing well if inner beauty matters most? This is what we've all been taught, right?

Shouldn't Miss Right or Miss Right-Now accept you for who you are - even if you dress like a hobo?

No (but you already know this).

Just think about it.

When you buy cereal, packaging matters. If the box design is not eye-catching or appealing, you don't buy.

When you buy a car, design matters. If you think a car is ugly, the engine specs won't make up for it enough for you to buy.

When you see a woman, if her hair is a mess, she's wearing no make-up and walking around in a Snuggie and Crocs, and she smells like cigarettes and bad body odor, you probably aren't gonna ask her for her number.

So, what's outside matters.

Forget evolutionary biology and showing you're a "good provider."

Forget your inner beauty or showing her that you're a good person.

Forget thinking your personality can overcome baggy clothes, weird shoes, and poor grooming habits.

Just think good packaging for making yourself an easier buy with women.

Now, the most common objections some guys have to putting time and energy into their grooming, style, and hygiene usually revolves around these thoughts:

  • "I'm not in very good shape right now. Some day, I'll dress better once my body is in better shape."
  • "I don't have any money right now. Once I make some money, then I'll put some work into my style."
  • "I'm ugly. There's no point in working on all this because my face is just...not good."

So, if you've ever told yourself these kinds of things, you're not alone because these are very common thoughts.

It's not just you. It's millions of other guys who think these EXACT same things!

Now, here's why these kinds of thoughts are ridiculous:

  • Not in shape? Well, if your grooming, hygiene, and style is on-point, a woman can STILL feel attracted to you once she likes your personality
  • Broke? Your grooming, hygiene, and style can still be great with some research and some creativity
  • Your face is "ugly"?? Well, if your grooming, hygiene, and style is good and she likes your personality, she might start to see you as "cute"

So, no matter who you are, where you're from, or what you look like, it all goes back to packaging.

In fact, when it comes to being viewed as "handsome" by women, having good grooming, hygiene, and style is a basic requirement.

With this in mind, here are my favorite go-to resources for looking and feeling your best to women:

Alpha M. YouTube Channel

With more than 6 million subscribers, this channel is an excellent resource for all things fitness, grooming, and style.

What makes this channel great is the no-B.S., real-world advice given by its creator, Aaron Marino.

He's like the funny, worldly, been-there done-that older brother you never had.

Have questions about having a hairstyle that doesn't suck?

This is your guy.

Wanna learn how to have a big personality that's likable without being douchey?

This is your guy.

Wanna learn how to manscape and not turn your nether regions into an unsightly mess?

This is your guy.

Now, if you're turned off by the word "Alpha" because you associate that word with all those cocky, know-it-all, annoying douchebag types who throw that word around to look cool, relax.

That's not what this channel is about.

This channel is by a guy who is an actual "Alpha" in the purest sense of the word - being a leader, a teacher, and a dude who has your back.

Check out the Alpha M. YT channel here...

Real Men Real Style

The main subtext of all the advice and tips from this site is simple and it's this:

Little details make all the difference.

Whether it comes to pairing suits with dress shoes, choosing the right eyeglass frames for your face, or buying dress shirts, this site goes deep. Real deep.

In fact, I have actually bought clothing or accessory items on my own...then later RETURNED them to the store for something better after reading a Real Men Real Style post.

The best thing about this site is their infographics library which breaks downs style questions and ideas into a simple, easy-to-use visual format.

Also, the creator of this popular site, Antonio Centeno, has a YouTube channel that currently has over 2.6 million subscribers.

On this channel, Antonio never talks down to the viewer - which makes the material accessible and doable for the style-challenged (like me).

Check out Real Men Real Style here...

Style Girlfriend

If you're interested in dressing more attractively to women, why not find out what women actually like?

Of course, the advice and style picks need to be from the right women (not your Aunt Martha who thinks you look "dashing" in anything).

This is where Style Girlfriend comes in.

The best part of this site is that their recommendations are accessible - unlike the sky-high priced "couture" or high-end items shown in many men's magazines.

Yes, their recommendations are accessible with affordable brand names such as J. Crew, Nautica, Vans, American Eagle, and Levi's (shown on their Shop page).

Wanna dress like a Russian oligarch and looking for Versace, Gucci, or Armani only?

Wrong site.

Need a cool-looking shirt, shoes, or watch you can actually afford and not sure what to buy?

Check out Style Girlfriend here...

So, there you have it. The only three websites you need to look great.

Now, go be handsome.