What's that common thought women gripe to themselves during a shitty date?

Oh yeah, it's usually something like this:

"I can't believe I bought a new outfit and shaved my legs for THIS."

So, YOU are going out tonight. Maybe you're going out with someone or trying to meet someone new.

If you want to be attractive to women everything has to be perfect, right?

No. Not really, and you don't need to buy a new outfit or shave your legs either.

The truth is, most guys over-prepare before going out - obsessively worrying about little details that don't matter.

I'm not just talking about spending two hours pomading your hair or spraying cologne on parts of your body where it hurts.

I'm simply talking about worrying too much about the wrong things.

Worrying too much before going out is bad because it wastes time and gets you fretting over things that don't matter and things that won't help you succeed with women.

It's like going to the gym and thinking you have to use every machine and device there to get a good workout - then feeling bad the next day when you see no results and your body starts to fall apart.

In the world of fitness, this damaging behavior is known as over-training.

The same thing happens when you put too much thought and energy into getting ready to go out to meet women.

The solution? Keep it simple and remember the word FACE.

Why FACE? Because, it reminds you of these four items you must check before going out:

  • Face
  • Attitude
  • Clothes
  • Energy


Assuming you already understand the essentials of basic personal hygiene, let's focus on your most important body part, your face.

Your face needs to look its best because it's one of the main things women scan to gather information on you.

They are looking for signs of health and reading your expressions for all kinds of clues as to who you are and what you're thinking.

They are looking for clues that you're a solid dude - and not a psychopathic killer who lives in "mother's" attic.

The good news?

In just a few minutes, you can make your mug look its best by pre-checking these parts:

  • Skin - make sure it's clean and moisturized
  • Eyebrows - make sure they're symmetrical and not overgrown
  • Lips - remove any dry skin and make sure to use lip balm
  • Eyes - make sure they're clear. Use eyedrops if necessary.
  • Blemishes - Think using a dab of cover-up make-up is "gay?" It's not. Unclench and proceed accordingly.

So, always inspect your face in a mirror as closely as you'd like to get to her.

It's always better to catch those stray hairs, dry skin patches, or missed-shave spots before she does.

When your face looks great up close, you'll be that much more confident when going in for a kiss (or more).

So, if you want to be attractive to women, be attractive to yourself first - up close and personal attractive, that is.


I'm not trying to be a motivational speaker here, but attitude is one of the most important factors that determines how a woman will feel about you.

If your attitude sucks, you had better look like Brad Pitt and still be prepared to only succeed with a few women.

If your attitude is great, you don't need to look like Brad Pitt and you should be prepared to succeed with a lot of women.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen my better-looking buddies strike out with women because they had these bad attitudes before going out:

  • "The place we are going to sucks."
  • "There are no hot girls out there who are single."
  • "What's the point of going out anyway?"

So, what does a good attitude consist of? Easy.

A good attitude assumes that you WILL have a good time, no matter what happens.

Nothing else.

The reason that this is such a powerful expectation is because it is realistic.

Do you notice how there is no expectation of meeting supermodels and hooking up that night?

You can't control who you will meet when going out.

Or, if you're on a date, you can't control whether or not it is the right moment to kiss or do more.

What you can control is having the right attitude that lays the foundation for you to be the guy women want to meet and want to kiss or go home with at some point.

If you do that, then you have the best attitude of all.


This next part is short and to the point.

Check out your outfit (and shoes) in a full length mirror and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do my clothes fit me well and do they flatter my body type?
  • Do I feel good about what I'm wearing?
  • Am I doing my best with the clothes and accessories I already have?

If you answer NO to any of these, change your outfit around until you get a YES.

Clothes are a statement of who you are and how you think of yourself.

If you reach that point of being able to tell yourself, "Yeah. Okay. I look decent," then your work is done.

If not, try on something else. There is no law against experimenting.

The bottom line here is that if you feel good about how you're dressed, she will notice.

If you are unsure about how you look, she'll notice that too.


Have you ever met someone who was average or below-average looking but they had an energy about them that made them instantly likable?

Well, just like a good attitude helps you be more attractive to women, so too does giving off a great energy.

I'm not trying to get all new-agey here, but this stuff matters big time.

The reason it matters is because of this fact:

If a woman likes your energy, even the slightest amount of attraction to your looks can expand QUICKLY.

Of course, if you are in a bad mood, her attraction to you can die suddenly and without warning.

If you are in a bad mood or just feeling "out of it," do one or more of these before going out:

  • Watch or listen to some comedy that makes you laugh
  • Talk to a friend who has a great sense of humor and try to keep up
  • Crank up some of your favorite music, sing along, and REALLY get into it

When you are excited to get out there in the world, have a good time, and you can share your feelings with others, you're set.

You are now the kind of guy that any woman would love to meet, date, and have in her life.

That is, you look good, you feel good, and you're ready to kick out good energy.

Why is this SO damn powerful?

Because, some guys will only work on their clothes before going out to meet women.

Some guys will miss details of grooming that make them look sloppy.

Some guys will talk to women with the energy of a guy who just left his cat's funeral.


Some guys will miss nothing because they worked on their Face, Attitude, Clothes, and Energy before going out.

Those are the kinds of guys that stand out to a new woman.

Enter: You (polished, prepared, and ready to shine...you slick son of a bitch).