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  Final Thoughts: Conversationalist

It Defines Your Whole Image

If a guy is an engaging speaker and dedicated listener, the woman will start to notice physical features about the man she finds attractive.

In fact, most women will actually find a man more physically attractive if he has an interesting and dynamic personality.

Conversely, women can actually lose interest in a good-looking guy if he is a dull conversationalist or he has an annoying personality.

Instead of always seeing a handsome guy, they’ll notice his physical defects and gradually become more and more turned off as he talks in a boring, unconfident, or conceited manner.

Weak Spots Are Really Opportunities

...what she hears is just as important as what she sees.

So, you can work out at the gym, go tanning, buy hip clothes, but how often do you stop to work on the way you talk?

How often do you work on increasing the range of topics over which you can converse?

How often do you stop to think that improving your speaking ability can improve your sex appeal to women by leaps and bounds?

If you said, “Rarely or never,” to the previous questions, you are lucky.

You are lucky because you have identified a weak spot that you can quickly and easily fix.

The more you work on your words and their delivery, the more you understand that your charisma, intellect, and humor can be developed just like your physical shape or fashion sense.

Remember, what she hears is just as important as what she sees.