4. Seeing Yourself as the Hero

Declaring War

Instead of feeling “stuck” like a victim would, you can declare all-out war on everything that’s holding you back.

Instead of replaying past failures over and over in your head, you can create a new story, a new future.

You can “see yourself as the hero in your own movie” (as comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan recommends).

This means that you can overcome obstacles and do whatever it takes to be the version of you that is confident and attractive to women...

...if you can learn from your past, but NOT be defined by your past.

How exactly do you do this?

Simple. Let's start with this advice from Joe Rogan:

...forget about whatever financial disasters you've had, personal failures, relationship failures. What would the hero of your life's movie do right now? Do that! Do THOSE things...

This is the first part. New action. This is the point of this whole program and all the Reboundy Rules.

The next part is just you, making a choice. Making a choice to learn from your past but not be defined by it.

So, have you ever been dumped, cheated on, or just ignored by women?

So what. That's in your past but it's not who you are right now.

Have you ever talked to a beautiful woman and you felt ugly standing next to her, so you gave up trying?

So what. That's in your past but it's not who you are right now.

Never had a relationship with someone you're truly attracted to? Never had a girlfriend? Never had sex without having to pay for it??

Never did this? Never did that??

So what! That's in your past but it's not who you are...in this moment...right here...right now.

It's just like Joe says...

We define ourselves far too often by our past failures. We look at our past and say, "...well, that's me." That's NOT you! You are this person, right now.

So again, it's all just a choice. Your choice.

You can choose to be a victim and blame your parents, your family, society, women, and everyone else for your problems.

Or, you can flip your frame and fix your future.

You can make the choice to pursue a hero’s path to success with new information, new actions, and a no-excuses, balls-out drive to keep going – even in the face of setbacks.

That’s what YOU would do if you were the hero in your own movie.

So, instead of feeling “stuck” like a victim would, you can declare all-out war on everything that’s holding you back from being your most confident, most attractive you around women.

You can declare war on acting desperate, needy, and afraid (in all the various ways those bad behaviors manifest themselves).

You can declare war on feeling silly and stupid when taking some kind of bold, new action.

You can declare war on every aspect of your external self that may be making you less appealing to women.

Now, what’s the best part about all of this? Easy.

You can start today and this program will guide you through, step-by-step.

Note Card: Remind Yourself

On an index card, add the title, "Hero Mentality."

Next, add the following list below:

  1. Take action DAILY
  2. Make the upgrades
  3. Get the girl

This card will be one of several note cards you'll create and review regularly with this program.

The purpose of this first card is to give you a reminder of why you are doing everything you do in this program.

Remember, if you feel alone and stuck, you're not alone...but you also have the power to change.

You have the power to choose a different path.

You have a plan (with this program).

You just need to take the actions.

Then, watch your confidence and success with women explode.